Lusty housewife bimbo in extreme lust starring Venera

I'm going to tell you a secret about Venera. I didn't witness this secret I'm about to tell you about. I heard it from a source, who just happens to be the person who took these photos and the accompanying video. It's a secret that shows you just how little some girls know about the mind of the boob-loving man. You might have noticed that Venera has her hands on her breasts (or her arms under her breasts) in a great deal of her photos. Well, it turns out that convincing Venera to take her hands off her breasts or not support them when she's modeling is not easy. That's because Venera's breasts are floppy, pliable and pendulous, and Venera, like so many other busty girls, has been told all her life that breasts are supposed to be firm with nipples that point straight up. So she lifts her breasts and holds them because she's a little self-conscious about them. She doesn't understand that for a boob man, breasts as big and pendulous and pliable as hers-boobs that hang so beautifully-are a rare and wondrous sight. But try to convince her of that.

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