Bald guy doing it with the black mommy starring Melissa Reed

When Melissa Reed came to SCORE for the first time in 2012, Dave blogged, \"She goes from fully clothed to full-frontal nudity to spreading her legs to showing pink to fingering her pussy in a matter of photos, not a matter of years. That's special, isn't it? Or are you one of those guys who enjoys the tease, who enjoys waiting?\" Like Chantal Raye, Sadie Blooms and a number of other new models in recent years who jumped into full sex right away, Melissa sexed with porn-cocks right off the bat. In this one (she did two XXX scenes), Melissa hooks up with king of studs JMac, a tit-man. \"Like 'em?\" Melissa asks JMac, whose finger is crooked in Melissa's orange tank top. \"Love 'em,\" says JMac. \"Really? Do you want to put your cock between them?\" \"Can't wait to get my cock between these fuckin' fat titties,\" JMac replies as she plants his face between her big tits while she squeezes his junk. Melissa is ready for \"It's like a pillow. I can sleep on them,\" says JMac, who is ready to test his big-bang theories on this honey. Melissa was recommended by a friend, so she checked out SCORE then connected with a studio rep to get the ball rolling.

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